arcade, hard, impossible
Bipolarity is your next impossible game.
The perfect mix between the simple control of the casual games and the flavor of the classic arcade games of the 80s.
But don’t be confident, Bipolarity will put your skills, reflexes and finger synchronization to the test. We are sorry, luck will NOT help you.
Bipolarity has THREE game modes:
- Endless: You will play on a random map, so every game will be different. Will you dare to run across the 16,040 parsecs of this level? We do not think so, but sure you will beat your friends.
- Challenge: Try the the different challenges we have prepared for you. But don't be confident of the easiness of the first two ones, the other six will drive you crazy!
- Training: In this mode you will learn how to master every stretch of the Endless mode.
Collect the orbs during the levels, not only let you slow down a bit, you can use them to unlock new color combinations (polarities) and new drone shapes. But be careful, you can only pick an orb if it has the same polarity as you, otherwise you will die.
And don't forget: Avoid the walls.