Zen Battery

Casual, Battery, Zen
Here you have the definitive battery application for your iPod, iPhone or iPad from NO2!

A quick glance will let you know how many hours you have left for listening to music, watching videos, talking on the phone and surfing the Internet.

If you want your battery to be even more "Zen", touching the screen once will hide the icons, leaving only the time and the battery charge percentage on the screen.
Touching the screen a second time will only leave the battery.
Touching a third time brings back all the data you had at the start.
Move the device to see how the fluid moves around inside the battery, tilt it and you will see how it moves from one side to the other.

You can change the color of the liquid inside the battery that best suits your personality.

Once the battery is charged, the application will make a warning sound.

The times and percentages are displayed with 5-percent increases.